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Reflexology to Induce Labor

Posted on: 02/21/2009

Reflexology to induce labor is one of the popular methods for natural birth. This method has some similarity or the other with the method of acupressure. Both these methods are based on putting pressure at a particular point of a body part. Putting this kind of pressure helps the pregnant lady in many ways. It normalizes the pain of labor and eases the pains.

Reflexology deals with putting pressure especially on the feet of the pregnant woman. This practice is popular when the baby is due after 41 weeks of pregnancy and not before that at all. The methods of reflexology to induce labors are mentioned here. The first method is known as inside heel.

In this method the point inside the heel of each foot is pressed. You must easily find out this spot. When are successful in finding out this spot you will feel that this spot is a bit tender one. The second method is the point between the big toe and the second toe. This point is a little below the big toe and the second toe, it is almost one finger width below them.

This spot is also easy to find because as soon as you find it you will feel the tenderness of the spot. You need to put pressure on both of these points to allow contractions. There are other methods of reflexology to induce labor too. The third method is the arch of each foot.

This spot is located in front of you heel; it is just the arch of your foot. This is also another tender spot. You need to apply pressure to this point. Give a firm pressure but not too hard because as it is a tender spots it hurts. As you doing this you will find that the tension releasing and the more pressure you apply the better.

This point is the one at which giving pressure helps in easing the pain of the contractions at the time of your delivery. The last point is the most effective method. It is called the thumb point. You need to press the central part of the thumb for about 3 minutes. This is how reflexology to induce labor helps.

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Very interesting article!

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